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Hello, and welcome to the "Trivia Interactive" of "What a Bundyful World".

Here, you can test your knowledge in "Married... With Children" and even enter the high score table, that will be published in the high-scrores section.


1. Fill out the form below.

2. Answer the questions. You can accumelate up to 10 points + 5 points of Bonus in the current trivia questionnaire.

3. You can only answer one time on each trivia questionnaire. If you will answer more than once, the asnwers will be disqualified.

4. If you will not fill out all the required fields has "*" near to them) in the form, the score will not be published in the high score table.

Good luck !!!

Trivia Questionnaire # 3 - June 1st, 2002

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The Questions

1. In which season Al and Peggy devorced ? (2 points)





2. How many parts the episode above had ? (1 point)




3. In the episode "England Show" a curse were pud on Al.
    What is the name of the city that put the curse on Al. (3 points)                        


4. As a continuation of the last question, what should the
    people of the city above had to do in order to dismiss
    the curse from the city ? (2 points)

Kill Al

Kill Bud

Kill both Al and Bud

Kill Peggy

Kill Kelly

Kill both Peggy and Kelly

5. As a continuation of the last question, how should
    they have been killed ? (2 points)

Being Shot


Cutting off the heads

Bonus Question (5 points):
In what season the episoe "England Show" were broadcasted
and how many parts it had ?

Season:           # of Parts:   


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